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The Cover Artist

Manfred Markowski, a gifted illustrator, has dedicated part of his art to the creation of our book covers (as seen here working on the HOTEL SACHER WIEN)

Manfred Markowski is not an ordinary artist. He steps in, when historic collections fail to support our immagination. In many cases we do not have the appropriate illustration for our covers. There rarely are original historical paintings showing the hotel in a historical setting.

ritz cover
Ritz Madrid - the cover by Manfred Markowski

In a perfect blend of a contemporary approach of a historic subject, Markowski produced the cover of our book HOTEL SACHER WIEN. His cover of the HOTEL RITZ in MADRID graces the private collection of the general manager of the house. His cover of the GRAND HOTEL (ST REGIS) and the HOTEL EXCELSIOR, both in ROME, are becoming part of the art collection of the houses. Markowski has also accepted an invitation to illustrate the book SCHLOSS VELDEN.

Schloss Velden Cover summer
cover of our book about Schloss Velden- here we have the summer (front) side, below the back cover (winter).


Empress Elisabeth
Illustration Empress Elisabeth "in progress"

In 2008 he has also produced illustrations for the book TEA AT REID'S. Here he imagined Empress Elisabeth of Austria, "Sisi", having tea at Reid's. The empress stayed at Reid's, but we have no photographic material. Hence "a Markowski" was needed to illustrate the story.

Empress Elisabeth at Reid's
Illustration Empress Elisabeth at reid’s

Illustration Premier Palace Kiev
Cover Premier Palace Kiev



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