10 31 2006 487

Vienna: The Imperial Torte (Cake)

For a Viennese hotel it is almost a tradition to have its own cake. The most famous one is the Sacher Torte, but the Hotel Imperial with its own cake is most successful, too.
19 century Imperial Hotelier Johann Frohner had a Frohner Cake created to conquer the famous Sacher Torte. The recipe made it into notable pastry cook books and became a legend in itself. Today the hotel has its ‘Imperial Torte’ and a delicious chocolate bar, the latter produced in cooperation with the Austrian chocolatier Zotter. The recipe is naturally a closely guarded secret by the patissiers. But you can discover a great deal by analysing the sensations revealed by a sensitive palate. To begin with, the delicious milk chocolate icing melts on the tongue, to be joined by the delicate aroma of almonds. Finally, marzipan and cocoa cream blend in perfect harmony. Enough to whet your appetite? The Imperial Torte is hand made, exclusively from natural ingredients, and due to its special recipe, stays fresh for a long period when refrigerated. This is an advantage when shipping it world-wide in its sturdy wooden packing case. It goes without saying that this delicacy is also available for diabetics.



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