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The Path of History, Imperial Vienna

professor sigmund freud

Professor Sigmund Freud overlooking a canapee with historic room-chains - at the exhibition “Path of History” at the Imperial in Vienna.

Watch 21 minutes of history (from the Imperial’s PATH OF HISTORY) and listen to music from Strauss (Radetzki March by Johann Strauss Father, a few tunes by Richard Wagner, one of the hotel’s guests, and again Strauss, this time the son, with the overture to The Bat - Die Fledermaus).

The Hotel Imperial Vienna’s history was taken to a new level. Under the trademark “Path of History” a permanent exhibition was installed in a corridor of the hotel.
While the book about the history of the hotel is a best-selling item at the hotel’s souvenir shop, now people can enjoy the key dates of the hotels rich history (from the 1860s), together with elegantly presented illustrations.
Large scale photography presents the contemporary hotel as well as its most important moments in history.
Of course we can not count them, but our estiamtion is that about 10,000 visitors have seen the Path of History in its first year.

‘We need to communicate. People like to know where they are and what had happened here,’ says historian Carola Augustin, who was one of the curators of the show. ‘We have killed a few birds with one stone: the busy corridor has been transformed into an attractive venue, people spend a lot of time here, a 20 minutes movie about the most important guests and historical events covers all questions and we created a space to display material from the hotel’s archives.’ she adds.

general manager Klaus Christandl
General manager Klaus Christandl: ‘It is a blessing! Our guests love it. They are entertained, enjoy the exhibition and the virtual guestbook. It gives them a sense of place and history. And the corridor has taken on a new meaning: “The Path of History” in every respect!’

Head concierge Michael Moser, who is the keeper of the archives of the hotel, confirms: ‘Guests love it and spend actually a lot of time there.’

The Making of The Path of History at the Hotel Imperial in Vienna:


This is a museum, part real, part virtual, with a collection of photographs, timelines and facsimiles, preciously presented behind museum glass.
In specially designed vitrines unique showpieces meet digital elements like a virtual guestbook (a 20 minutes loop containing notable moments of the hotels history). IMPERIAL INFOTAINMENT at its best!

Idea: Michael Moser, Sebastian Hackert, Petra Engl-Wurzer and team.
Initiated under the management of Riccardo Giacometti
Executive Assistant: Daniela Stoppel
Presented under General Manager Klaus Christandl
Installed by Carola and Andreas Augustin
Based on the book HOTEL IMPERIAL by Andreas Augustin

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