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Testimonials, part 1

Testimonials, part 1


Since 1986, we have listed over 400 hotels, numerous individual hotels
were researched, their history recorded, and successful books published.

Here is what some of our partners have to say about our work.


With the help of The Most Famous Hotels in the World we were able to put
together a puzzle of historical and entertaining facts. Today we have
wonderful books about our hotels, and a competent historical data base!
Sensitivity and sound knowledge were combined with highest quality. The
books are updated with every edition. The digital press kit TRAVELLER’S
NOTE PAD has been handed out over thousands of times, presenting all our
hotels the way WE want it.’

Erhard Noreisch

Former Vice President

Starwood East and Central Europe

General Manager, Imperial Hotels AG Austria

Since 1997 The Most Famous Hotels conducts historic research for the
hotels Imperial and Bristol in Vienna and the Hotel Goldener Hirsch in
Salzburg, resulting in three individual books about each hotel. Every
book receives yearly updates. 


divider“Grand Hotels still play a significant part in the evolution of society and contribute significantly to local economies.

The series of The Most Famous Hotels in the World make a wonderful set of chronological history of some unique trophy palaces.

The team of The Most Famous Hotels in the World capture beautifully not
only the history, but the vibrancy of many such intriguing
organizations, in a well presented format.

Our guests have passed much praise and credit on the book in relation to quality, presentation and content.”


Michael Shepherd 
was General Manager at 
The Savoy, London, 

The Most Famous Hotels in the World conducted this history project from 1999-2001. The book was presented in 2001.


‘Somebody like me, who happens to know a lot about the history of his
hotel and successfully makes a selling point of this history, is always
suspicious about a “stranger” who arrives to research this history
again. But the way Andreas Augustin and his team tackle the subject is
very impressive.

‘Their research methods are very precise and cover everything from the
ancient records of building authorities to interviews with retired
members of the staff. No source is left untouched. From the results of
all this research a perfect biography of the hotel is composed, taking
its place between the prehistory of the country, Mozart and the

Count Johannes Walderdorff was General Manager of the Hotel Goldener Hirsch in Salzburg while famoushotels conducted a history project and produced a book about its history. 



‘A book of this calibre emphasizes the tradition, history and splendour
of a hotel that new advertising and marketing campaigns can not touch.’

Cindy Novotny

Master Connection Associates, US


‘I would first of all like to congratulate The Most Famous Hotels in
the World for the terrific and incredible work you have done up to now
and for what all this really means for anyone interested in the history
of hospitality.’

Peter Wirth, hotelier.

(from the Hotel Hassler, Rome; 
General Manager of Waldorff Towers, New York)




The Grand Hotel Vienna edition of “The Most Famous Hotels in the World” books is an invaluable asset for the hotel.

Since the hotel was not open to the public from 1958 to 1994, few people realize its historical value.

Under my management of this hotel the book had become a major marketing
tool, as it highlights 130 years of history to be proud of. The research
completed for this hotel was most impressive.

Franz P. Donhauser

General Manager (today: ShangriLa, Sidney)

famoushotels researched the history before the hotel was reopened in 1994. The resulting book laid the cornerstone to its historic marketing strategy, which it uses today.



It was a pleasant experience to work with the team of The Most Famous
Hotels in the World. They unearthed lots of material here at the
Kronenhof – we do have a large archive – and they found even more
material outside of the hotel.

The book
about the Kronenhof has become our major tool of sales and PR. It is
both a history and a picture book of the past and the present of the

Xaver Stocker
was General Manager at the Grand Hotel Kronenhof-Pontresina /
Switzerland and invited famoushotels to conduct historic research.

Photograph: Bill Lorenz



‘The Mena House Treasury book has been greatly appreciated by our guests
as well as members of the local community and press. It chronicles the
history of this legendary royal residence in an informative and
interesting manner. We are delighted to offer the history of the last
137 years to our guests in this well researched capsule.’


Sanjiv Malhotra

Executive Vice President

Oberoi Hotels Egypt

& former General Manager, Mena House Oberoi Hotel

The Most Famous Hotels in the World started researching the history of
the Mena House in Cairo to eventually produce three different formats of
books about the hotel. One coffee table volume, one book in the series
The Most Famous Hotels in the World and one TREASURY (paper back) book.



‘Maybe the most striking fact was that when we took over the hotel from
the former owners all archive material was lost. When we decided to
launch the history project very little of the hotels history was
actually known, and none was collated. We had no opening date, all
material had either left Vietnam or was lost.

Andreas Augustin and his team put our history together like a jigsaw
puzzle. They unearthed 100 years of history. Today we know when it all
started, who was here and when things happened. This hotel now has a
document that goes far beyond any usual hotel publication, and can
consolidate the Metropole as one of Asia’s grand old hotels. We
rightfully celebrated our centenary in 2001 in a part of the world where
historic hotels are few and far between.’

Richard Kaldor,

the first General Manager of the historic Hotel Metropole Hanoi who wanted to have its history researched.






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