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2015 Hanoi - From Indochine to Indochic

by AA
The Metropole Hano was Sofitel's first of a series of legendary hotels around the globe. With the support of famoushotels.org one part of the Legend was established: its history.

Dear Friend of The Most Famous Hotels in the World;

Let me take you to Hanoi. The future has just begun.
The new skyline of Hanoi is dominated by VietinBank Tower, a 68-story project (1191 ft) designed by British firm Foster + Partners. The German architectural firm GMP has designed a freestanding museum in the midst of an artificial park landscape. The capital of Hanoi expands its historical roots into an even richer future.

However, the city is still described as Asia’s most Asian city. Hanoi has developed its own "chic". Since the 1990s I have observed its most famous hotel Metropole growing from "being restored" into a very special luxury hotel, full of vibrant life, the social hub of the modern, young capital of Vietnam.

Today we present the latest edition of the book Hotel Metropole, Hanoi. We have installed a PATH OF HISTORY at the hotel, with a guided tour to its legendary and now open (unearthed in the true sense of the word) bomb shelter.
In the book you also find the story of "The Vietnamese at the Ritz", a politically important anecdote from Ho Chi Minhs life in Paris. And meet Dan Sweeny, an American in Asia. He was one of the first great hotel poster illustrators.
To get a good first impression of the book itself, you can also visit the book's flipping pages preview.
We do ship the book, let me personally autograph it for you and your beloved ones. Here's the bookshop.

Best wishes - as always.
Yours sincerely
Andreas Augustin


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