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Fresh from the bookshelf: Bristol Vienna

by AA
My respectful salutations to the Bristol of Vienna - a truly splendid hotel which combines the best traditions of the past with all of today's luxury.
Arthur Hailey, 1986

Dear Friend of The Most Famous Hotels in the World;

Experience beautiful previews of the books (2010 edition) Bristol Vienna, The Oriental Bangkok, Premier Palace Kiev, Schloss Velden Austria and The Excelsior Rome.
This takes me right to the Select Member Hotel Bristol in Vienna. To better understand the magnitude of this particular hotel we have turned the “famous guests” section into a multi-media experience, you can listen to the voice of opera super star Nellie Melba, watch a movie of the legendary speech on liberty by Theodore Roosevelt, see the original trailer of “Bambi” from 1942 and hear Anton Rubinstein’s “Melody in F”. At one point in history all these people - and so many more VIPs - were at the Bristol.
In case you want to check for yourself: spring is a perfect time to visit Vienna, and you can even book a room through our website.
Yours - as always
Andreas Augustin divider

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Our Bookshelf

Opened in 1892, the history of the Viennese Hotel Bristol is full of exciting events, famous guests and lovely anecdotes. Pick the book from the shelf and enjoy over 50 pages of preview. Please visit its site »


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Bristol Vienna - the new book

Historian Carl Schorske: "Between 1900 and 1910 Vienna was the centre of the intellectual world and did not even know it!" The Hotel Bristol in the heart of the city is a living testimony for this quote. Here intellectuals from all over the globe, artists, leading statesmen and the most prominent people of the world of music met. Go to the page »




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